Your First Visit

Your First Visit in L’Enfant DentalUpon arrival to our office, you’ll be greeted by Tunisia, our friendly office manager, who will help make sure all paper work has been filled out correctly. Please make sure to bring a copy of your insurance card and license so that she can verify your benefits accurately.

At this appointment, we will take digital x rays and photographs of your teeth to help aid us in determining any oral health concerns. A thorough exam that includes a comprehensive oral cancer screening will be performed and then we will have a conversation about your oral health goals.

Most importantly, we want to take some time to get to know you. Whether you just moved to the area and are in need of a cleaning, or you were referred to us from a friend or colleague and are interested in discussing a more specific concern, Dr. Robbins believes establishing a good relationship with his patients is paramount.

We look forward to welcoming you to the L’Enfant Dental family! Call us at (202) 863-0688 to schedule your visit today!