Dental Implants

Effective Teeth Replacement Options in Washington DC

Dental Implants in Washington, DC - L’Enfant DentalA dental implant is a titanium post that fuses to your jawbone and supports a dental restoration. Dental implants are able to restore both form and function to missing teeth in order to recreate a healthy, beautiful smile. 

Unlike other restorative options for missing teeth, implants do not require any additional work to adjacent teeth, are fixed in place, and require minimal maintenance. 

What to Expect

At your first appointment, Dr. Robbins will do a comprehensive evaluation to make sure you are an optimal candidate for implants. This evaluation will include a 3D scan of the jaw to ensure you have a solid foundation to support the implants. We will also discuss your long term goals and expectations. This allows Dr. Robbins to develop a custom treatment plan that’s tailored to your individual needs.  

The placement of an implant is a simple procedure that is usually performed in a couple of appointments. In the first appointment, Dr. Robbins will place the titanium post in your jaw using local anesthesia. We will then place a temporary tooth while you are healing. 

After 3-6 months, the implant should be fused with your bone so that it is able to support a porcelain crown. A digital scan will be taken, and a permanent custom tooth will be made. You will then be able to brush, floss, chew, talk and smile like normal!

How Long Implants Last

Unlike your natural teeth, implants cannot get cavities. However, we can lose bone around them so it is important to practice good oral hygiene and follow up for regular dental cleanings. With proper routine care, the long-term success rates for implants are nearly 100%, meaning there is a good chance you will never have any issues with them. 

Guided Surgeries

In our office, we use state of the art technology that allows us to perform many of our implant surgeries guided. Using this technology, Dr. Robbins can digitally plan precisely where he wants individual implants to be placed. This allows us to focus on the best aesthetic and functional position for the final tooth. Guided surgery also has the ability to significantly reduce healing times. Many patients are shocked with how easy recovery is after our procedures!

The Cost of Dental Implants

Dental implants provide a permanent replacement for missing teeth and are therefore slightly more expensive than other restorative options. Given the long-term benefits, most of our patients find implants to be well worth the investment. 

Each treatment plan is custom made for you, so fees very slightly depending on several factors; such as, the number of teeth being replaced, quality of the bone and the final restorative material. 

Fortunately, we are in-network with many insurance companies and are always happy to bill out-of-network insurance plans on behalf of our patients. Dr. Robbins will be able to provide you with an accurate estimation of the total cost at the end of your consultation appointment. 

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