Dental Crowns

Crowns and Bridges in Washington DC

Dental Crowns in Washington, DC - L’Enfant DentalSometimes, damaged or decayed teeth cannot be restored using a filling. Dental crowns are often the next best option to restore a tooth to it’s original appearance while also protecting and strengthening it’s structure.

Types of Crowns

Crowns are made from various different types of materials. Dr. Robbins will meet with you to discuss your options as well as your preferences to determine the best material to meet your needs and give you a long-lasting beautiful – and functional – smile.

How a Crown is Made

A crown procedure typically requires two appointments. At the first appointment, any tooth decay is removed, and the tooth is rebuilt, and reshaped to fit the crown. A digital impression is then created using state of the art scanning technology in order to fabricate the crown. Between your first and second visit, a temporary crown is worn while the permanent crown is made. At your second appointment, the temporary crown is removed, and the permanent crown is placed and cemented. Give us a call today at (202) 863-0688 to discuss any questions you may have surrounding dental crowns and how we can assist you in achieving the perfect smile!